Term 1 2024

Club returns in two stages as usual.

New members are asked to come along on the 16 Feb

Existing members can return from the 2 Feb

The pool is not available to club on the 9 Feb

The Dunedin Swimming Club is a non-competitive, family orientated, learn to swim club, for children- catering for beginners in the Learners Pool (from age 5) through to improvers in the Main Pool.


We meet every Friday during school terms from 6.15pm to 7.15pm (learners pool finish at 7.00pm).


Our coaches are all unpaid volunteers who freely give their time to work with our swimmers. Without our coaches, we would not have a club.  Please give them your support.


We are always looking for new coaches, so if you or someone you know is interested in coaching or assisting with coaching please let us know. 


The club has a small committee who ensure that the club runs smoothly and that the children’s needs are being met.  We always welcome new committee members.  There is no fundraising involved and we only meet once per month- for no more than 1 hour after club.  Children welcome at meetings.  At present we meet upstairs in the viewing area, as there are no rooms available at the pool.  Our first meeting is on 16 February.  Please come along if you can.  We need you.


When fees are PAID IN FULL, a membership card will be issued, allowing members to enter the pool on club nights for a discounted amount of $2.50 per registered member.  The discounted pool entry fee does not cover entry to the Wave Pool before or after club time. If your child wants to use the pool before or after club, full admission fees apply.   If you cannot pay your fees for any reason, please contact the Secretary, as help may be available from other sources.


Please note, children are not allowed to get in Learners Pool till 6.15pm and Moana Pool has strict child supervision rules.  This is from the Pool staff:


*Caregivers for children under 5 years must be in the water within arm’s reach, and able to physically assist at all times

*Children under 10 years must be actively supervised by a caregiver over the age of 16. Supervising caregivers (whether you’re required to be in the water or not) means eyes on those under your care at all times and able to provide assistance if required.

5 to 9 year olds will be required to wear a wristband.


-This means that if you have a 5-9 year old, you must be supervising child at all times.

As part of Moana Pool’s Health & Safety procedures, we must have your contact details available on poolside in case of an emergency.

 If your child is dropped off at the pool and chooses not to join their coaching group, we cannot be held responsible for supervising them during club time.  Parents/Caregivers are also reminded that the coaches and committee are not responsible for the supervision of your child/ children before or after club.

Could we ask that if you or your child are feeling unwell, please do not come to the pool.

 Our fees cover hiring the lanes each week, affiliation to Swimming New Zealand, certificates, medals and trophies, room hire at the Pool, coach training, etc.

 Each child in our club has to be entered on the Swimming New Zealand data base, so we need an application form completed for each child when you first join our club.

From time to time we may take photos of your children.   If we put photos on the internet, we will not publish full name, it will be the Christian name at the most.

Children are put in groups with other children of about the same swimming level, so when a child is assessed, they will be told which lane they are in and who their coach is, they should go to that lane each club night.

Each night we mark off child’s attendance.  If your child arrives after the roll has been taken in their area, please report to the committee members who are taking the roll.

Swimmers should all wear goggles, and if they have long hair it should be tied back. Long board shorts are not advisable as they slow the swimmer down.

As well as our regular coaching sessions, we have water safety sessions and/or Fun Nights each term.  These nights are seen as very important to children, as they reinforce confidence in the water.  We hold an annual Fun Carnival, and a Club Championships night in the later part of the year.  Club Prize Giving and a BBQ night are held in early December.

If for any reason, your child no longer wishes to come to club, please let us know, as we always have eager children on our wait list.

Medical Information:   If your child has a medical condition which you feel we should be aware of, please let your child’s coach know.

A club newsletter will be sent to you by email at the start of each term, which will include a timetable of activities.

We hope you enjoy your year with the club, and we look forward to seeing you at the pool.  If ever you have concerns, please let us know.


See you at the pool.
Dunedin Swimming Club